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Any BD software for ripping on a Mac?
Noob here also. I feel your pain. I hate being new at forums, it is sometimes hard to get answers. Best thing to start is use the search function and then step away from the general question and kind of piece by piece ask questions . The problem here is that everyone has different set ups, wants, desires and needs. Map out like you have, search the specific pieces and then hit the TECHNICAL questions, HOW, WHAT, WHY, WILL IT WORK and then most are great at helping from...
Mayham - thanks for that very helpful insight. I guess it is the KISS principle for me. Have a great weekend. D
Hi all. Hope all is well with everyone. I am going to jump in the AVT pool and I need some guidance. I have seen several units on CLs and not sure which to buy. I hear the Chatter on getting ATV 2 because you can put XBMC on it? What is XBMC? Why not ATV 3? Why not ATV 1? It has a drive...? Expandability? I am Apple centric. Plenty of files etc... Currently playing with Netflix on my PS3, but the PS3 is great as a media server. I found "Playback" and for the...
Bad HDMI cable. That'll teach me not to buy the 2 for one at Home depot. Crappy HDMI cable wasn't syncing correctly... go figure.
Quick and skinny 2 PS3s both hardwired. One works perfectly with Netflix. the other stop every 2-4 minute and I have to restart the movie. BOTH hardwired. I don't have great download speeds but ONE WORKS GREAT, the OTHER NOT GREAT. Thoughts.
...and I remember when Steve Jobs said the words, " no floppy disc drive."
Go under the server browser... Put in your search criteria and bamI played a 500% ticket game of OMetro and all I can say is DANG!Love BF3
Dude why are wives like that?I mean Im not at a strip joint or drinking!?Like I have to sneak it when I can and alone. Is that a problem?
When do you play?dmans4t4 psn id
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