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Heidi brought back the Duo on the spot out of compassion and then Mel B brought back BOOTY impromptu. Both didn't go through the process of analyzing all the elimated acts and picking the best one they see fit. How can anyone respect the opinions from these two individuals on the show?
D'Angelo should be the one going through over Ruby whose demeaner rubbed a lot of people the wrong way judging by FB postings. But he'll still fall short of winning it all. I think AGT producer should tell the Castro family not bother entering the competition again with all these different parings.
I will hard pressed to find 3 acts let alone 12 to bring back for the redeemption week. This year's talents are very weak. In fact, most of the acts that had gone through to the semi finals aren't worthy enough already.
More pixels or better black? I think this review shows that the PQ of the backlite LED is already very good that OLED only trumps marginally. In showroom environment, I think most people will not see the benefits that OLED offers. However, people always buy things with the bigger number so 4K or UHD is a better selling point than OLED at this stage.
Howie's gonna have a hard choice this year as he loves Tummy talk and adored the screaming kid sister and brother duo.
I'm wondering if there are quota for certain kind of acts to get through to the live shows. The little girl and her dog act was clearly not supposed to be there but she got through without even a Vegas performance. That could be we didn't have that many animal acts so the judges must let her go through.
I'm suprised by Jonathan Allen going thru. I think they are good but average acts, none that I think will move on pass this round.
I got it. Where's Kenny G now? Boy didn't that make me feel old.
This week is tough. Military wives performance was good but is this a Vegas act? Kenichi's timing was perfect and it was incredible that he created all those graphics. But his dancing got lost in between technologies so what kind of an act is Kenichi's? I nevered liked Deanna's screaming masked as signing but last night I actually liked her song choice and performance. But I didn't vote for her and can't see her advancing in a tough group. The impressionist bite off...
New Posts  All Forums: