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Hi all, I have a question about the Dolby/Dts HD audio formats. I use my BDT500 in a 2 channel setup using the analog 2 channel outs to an older stereo receiver. I am wondering if during the downmix of the hd formats the signal is compressed or if the channels are simply downmixed without loss of resolution (as far as the sample/bitrates go). ??? Doug
Greetings, I have a hopefully simple question about the lossless Dolby hd/DTS hd formats. I own a Panasonic BDT500 player, and use the 2 channel analog outs to an older stereo receiver. I am trying to find out if the downmixing process maintains the integrity of the lossless soundtracks as far as the sample/bit rates go. Does the player simply mix the channels or does it send a compressed version? Thanks
Thanks. That makes me fell pretty good about my settings. It's funny how after someone tells you about a thread, you can find it in the search, but never found it before that.
Hi everybody, (my first post ) I've been reading this forum for a while since getting a Panasonic bdt500 blu ray recently. I think I may have fallen down the rabbit hole of calibration just a bit. So I downloaded the avs calibration disc and also got the Disney WOW disc yesterday. My question is about the gamma setting on my Samsung LCD. Currently I have it at 0 out of a possible adjustment range of -3 to +3. When looking at the gamma resonse test pattern on the WOW...
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