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I just moved a few months ago and setup a home theater. I would LOVE to get my hands on these files, unfortunately, where I live, i have satellite internet with a 10GB data cap, also I don't have a blu ray burner. Is there anyone willing to send me a full disc copy if I send them money for the media?? Please??
Thanks, i will try different cables tonight. I did talk to AT&T today to question this and they said the signal for commercials is different then regular programming so this is going to happen. They said they are working on a fix but don't have a time frame. I am wondering what cable provider do you have? Is it better with Comcast or Charter or are they all the same? I would assume they are the same but when they said they are working on a fix it makes me wonder.
Hey all, this is my first projector and am super excited to start using it. I purchased the GT750 with a fixed frame elite frame and it looks fantastic! I am however having one issue that I can't seem to find anything online about. I will call the customer service next week but hope that someone here has had a similar issue. Anyway, here is my setup. I have an AT&T Uverse cable box, Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 all plugged into a component switcher using component cables and...
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