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That's funny you say that because I really had to go through the same thing. It's easy to look at a bigger, slightly older RP TV and think to yourself, it's big, its cheap, its bulky, clearly it's inferior. But really, what they are is about the best way to watch movies if you can't fit a projector into your life at the moment. It's having the projector and the screen built together in one housing. It's just that people value thin and light now, and yes when I look at...
Well, if you like the theatre look you will LOVE a DLP set, or really any rear projection in general. I love my SXRD, I have a real hard time watching anything else now. It's the most theatrical look you can get a consumer device. If I was you I'd go look at some DLP sets, and see what you think. I think you will like what you see.
One try, got a 4...could definitely tell that I had a couple wrong but I just couldn't differentiate long enough to move them into the right places. Took me about 15 minutes, was also watching TV at the time.
Wow. My SXRD has had its insides cleaned before a couple years ago, doesn't look bad at all, but when replacing the lamp a couple months ago there was still lots of dust in there and I wish there was a way to get it all out. It builds up fast. Have you ever cleaned an SXRD? Any tips for getting it clean again? I'm sure all that dust makes it run a little hotter too.
Yeah makes sense. All this makes really want to get mine calibrated but it looks so good now I can't imagine it looking much better.
Nobody? I know it's getting to be an old projector by now. Not sure how many would own one here.
This is a great thread, I've been spending unhealthy amounts of time in the last few weeks trying to figure out how to go here. I like stereo but I also want to get a nicer 5.1 setup for the SXRD. I wouldn't mind listening in 5.1 either, and I've just been trying to decide which would be the better overall compromise. I think though I'll end up going 5.1/7.1 and using it for both music and video, and probably use a front L and R that are more geared towards music.
Hey guys, we have a Domino 20 here, and just wondering what exactly is the expected lamp life. The menu says its currently at around 2075, although it seems pretty dim and I know it's only 800 lumens but I feel that it should be brighter. I see that it's supposed to be around 4-5k hours, but at half that it seems pretty unwatchable unless the room is completely 100% dark. Brightness is even up to about 60-62, depending on the source, and that seems high for a good lamp....
Well we (maybe stupidly) hauled it to the repair guy, waiting on an answer now. But yeah I think going external would be better anyway. The built-ins aren't bad but even a base-line 5.1 setup would be nice. Will probably end up doing that. I think this thing is from about 2000...so it's earlier on for HDTVs although for CRT direct-view it's about as good as it got back in the day. Actually still looks very good.
First...I can't believe we still have this thing It's a beast. But it's in a downstairs room that doesn't get much use, and it looks good enough for that. Anyway, it's having an audio problem that I can't seem to figure out. Recently, it's been having an issue that on all inputs with the speakers. First, there is no sound without turning SBS on. None at all. Then, with it on, there is absolutely nothing but low frequency sound coming through. In fact, it directly...
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