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This started off when i was 15 Logitech z-5500 Audioline alsw08 welling ws602 polk psw110 welling ws10 welling ws12 Polk psw110 (brand new) SuBsonic XS1 MK1 m&k mx200 pioneer todoroki subwoofer SVS pb12 nsd (now) Im 17 now This is my 2 year journey through subwoofers. My 2 year plan is to get another PB12 NSD and once i move out of home Dual PB13 Ultra Subs
Hey all, Im not sure what the problem is, im aware its the amplifier as ive switched around speakers and cables etc and the right channel seems to be buzzing through the tweeter on the bass content. Im not sure what the problem is probably needs to be recapped but its quite annoying as ive had the amp for a week. All help appreciated Cheers
Im tossing up between that and the SuBsonic XS2 MK2. The XS2 is quite a musical subwoofer but the advantage the SVS would have over that is> 1: the SVS is Sealed therefore tigher 2: The SVS is higher Powered so more control 3: higher throw driver 4: 12" driver so possibly deeper bass output The SuBsonics advantages: Ported- Extends deeper Australian Brand (i like supporting our companies) Very Musical. Tigher than most sealed subs ive heard for E.G the M&K v-75, MX 200 (i...
Get another PB12 Plus. At least then you have MATCHING subwoofers. Dont DIY if you are time restricted. Ive got the pb12 NSD and am going for another
Hello all, I need a little help with searching for another subwoofer, but this time for the 2 channel system in my dining room. Its only a music system, there will be no movies involved Options: SuBsonic XS2 MK2 Sunfire SDS 10 SVS SB12 NSD (i already own the pb12 nsd and its a beast but not so good for music) SVS SB1000 SVS PB1000 (bit of depth) The set up is as follows Electrocompaniet ECI 3 Amplifier B&W DM602 Floorstanding speakers Arcam cd player Looking to spend...
The Sound Quality of the Electrocompaniet Amplifier is amazing! When working at Audio Trends i didnt hear many amplifiers in the 3k Price range that were better than the electrocompaniet. The only thing i have to do now is Get a sub for it. Im thinking Sunfire SDS10 SuBsonic Xs2 MK2 OR SVS SB1000 SVS SB12 NSD
Hey Guys, A workmate of my Fathers was recently upgrading his 2 channel sound system. As he doesnt like dealing with Ebay, he gave me and my Dad his entire sound system This includes: Arcam CD62 Cd Player Electrocompaniet ECI3 Amplifier B&W DM620 Speakers I have hooked it all up and sounds amazing. I will post pictures one day but WOW i am shocked
did i say i went with the PB12- NSD? What a sub that is, plays loud and deep
I would consider it a Budget subwoofer for any Home theatre. But as i said before, only in price point, not in performance. This subwoofer out performs many subs under $1800
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