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So tonight after prep and stuff, I finally turned my 55st50 on to watch tv. When I tried connecting to internet, I ran into a problem, NO WIFI ADAPTER FOUND, WTF???
I'm gonna go with 55 incher, I hope it's gonna be better than lm8600
I have the same question only about st50, I am returning lm8600 tomorrow and planning on getting st50 instead.
I tried looking for thread with optimum settings and where to get break in program, anyone can post links to settings and breaking program
Can anyone else please share their thoughts on staying with lg or going elsewhere in the same price range, thanks
I've had my 55lm8600 for a few weeks now and it has some light bleeding and I am thinking on returning it and switching to 60PM9700. What do you guys think? Your opinions ?
Anyone who has 558600 with ysp-2200, please post the setting how to make sound work. For some reason I get no sound with arc, gotta use optical. PLEASE HELP
Here is a shiqqy video of my newly arrived 55LM8600 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XLy-HvpTKg
Can someone once again please post the optimal picture settings for 55LM8600. I'm getting mine arrived next wednesday and I'm not that good at adjusting
I might go with the Yamaha YSP-2200 then. I saw on eBay for $600 brand new.
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