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Mine started continually restarting as well I believe 2 updates ago. It's driving me crazy!!! I've literally tried everything but have come to the conclusion that it has something to do with the Wi-Fi. Once it resets (shuts off briefly & back on) I go back and check the network settings and there is no connection. Hopefully this issue will be resolved with a future update. I'm also wondering if it is an issue with my Wi-Fi router and if the Wi-Fi temporarily loses...
Thank you HaRd2BeAr for the quick reply, I've got it set on General scene / Standard picture mode. Edge enhancement Off / Detail Enhancer Off / Cinemotion Off / Motionflow Standard / Reality Creation Off. Turning off Reality Creation did seem to help a bit however lost some of the fine detail.
Just purchased a new 55" HX850 3 days ago & as beautiful as it is I can't see to get past what I would describe as a grainy appearance anytime the camera seems pan either quickly or slowly. I've played around with most all of the settings in hopes it might clear it up but with no luck. It's visible via the cable box, ps3 & apple tv. I recently had a Samsung UN55ES7500 which didn't exhibit this at all however it was plagued with stuck pixels & major light bleed. Luckily...
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