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Good suggestion on picking the screen size later. I'm just trying to figure out now where to have the electrical outlet roughed in on the ceiling. Thats the only thing time sensitive since electrical goes in this week. Should I just put the plug for the projector in the middle of the room as far back from the screen wall as possible?
16:9 and 120 diagonal
Hi all. I am in the process of building a house and need some help with the theater. I have a 12x12 room. On the back wall I will have one row of seating via a sectional couch. My head will be about 10.5 - 11 feet from the screen while sitting on the couch. From what I've read on other threads, I can go with a 120 inch screen. Is this too big? Should I go smaller for this distance? I need to tell the electrician where to instal my power outlet for the projector. Do the...
I have AT&T UVerse cable box connected to a Denon 2313 AVR. I'd like to hear the TV audio in both Zone 1 (Living Room) and Zone 2 (Back Porch). I have the Zone 2 speakers connected via the "Surround Back" speaker terminals using banana plugs. My Zone 2 will not play the TV audio. Can someone tell how to get my cable audio to play in both zones? I'd like to be able to hear the football game on the porch while I BBQ. Thanks
Thanks for the heads up. I'm thinking the Dennon 2113 will work well. I can run both the porch and living room displays with the parallel HDMI out and also have Airplay in Zone 2.
will the Denon 2112Ci allow this?
Hello everyone. I've done a lot of reading of this awesome forum but this is my first post. I am a newbie to AV so I may not understand all the technical terms but thanks in advance for any help you can provide! I purchased a new home and want to set up a home theater system. The living room is wired for a center channel speaker, two front speakers and two rear speakers along with HDMI in the wall for a TV. The porch is wired for two speakers and has coaxial cable in the...
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