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Pick up a sumsung a 60 led es7500. Very happy with picture and sports games look flawless. This tv is a keeper!! Thanks Mike
Comcast is the provider. My 6yr old sharp lcd does not have this issue but the new 240hz does, the tv is going back this saturday. Probable will try sami led 7500 series
I Try all motion setting and least amount of blur comes when I turn off motion compensation, but still have judder.
I would appreciate any Recommendation on a Hd tv that can display sports.I have Purchased Two tv so far with no success. First purchase was a 60" pana st50 Plasma the picture was great and all sports looked smouth with no motion blur or double image/ghosting but after two months it had major image retantion burn in due to me watching sports with statinary logo. I was lucky to have the store take back the tv and give me store credit. So my second purchase is 60" sharp led...
New Posts  All Forums: