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I bought this tv for gaming and have to say its the best tv ive ever had for gaming no blur or input lag and i havent had any issues with burn in or image retention i just made sure to take it easy the first few weeks and ran the slides when i wasnt home. hope this helps
I am needing to get one of these for my panasonic st50 i lost the one that came with the tv originally and have bought a replacement but it was for a samsung. I thought they would all be the same but it didnt work. Now did i just get a bad cord or should it have worked? i called panasonic and they said they were about 16 weeks out from getting there new shipment in and i would have to wait two weeks from that to get it shipped? thanks for ay help or info on this
Okay thanks for the reply, I was meaning the yellow red and white cables. I have a retro nintendo and it only has yellow and white cables and with out the st50 component cable i cant use it. Things i will be connecting to it as of right now, Panasonic st50, xbox 360, blu ray player, cable box, and retro nintendo. The features I need are Upscaling to hdmi, 3D pass thru Low input lag for gaming My Budget is around 350-450 or cheaper if possible thanks in advance
I am running out hdmi ports on my st50 and have been looking into a reciever. I do not have the color component pigtail cable for the st50(lost it) bought a replacement but it doesnt work. I was needing a reciever that wil upscale the composite cables to hdmi. Someone at best buy said all of the recievers do but i highly doubt they do. I also need it to play 3 D. I havent searched much so im an open book for any suggestions. Thanks in advance
i am getting some sharp active shutter glasses fom best buy and they said they are compatible with the st50. Anyone use these?
Could it mess anything up if done wrong
thanks i had seen some i just didnt know if it would be different on different models. Also can this mess anything up? some people were saying not too because it can mess up your tv I dont see why it would but just making sure
i seen somewhere that plasmas have a code you can enter to see the hours you have on your plasma. Can someone help me I have a panasonic 55" st50! thanks
does image retention get less and less as the plasma ages, i played forza horizon for about an hour and a half and i faintly got the time tickers on the top right but went away within 1-2 minutes on fullscreen tv. i guess im being to picky, i should be at 100 hours tomorrow morning and just wanted to know if the panal will be able to deal with IR better as it ages.
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