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I will give this a shot. By setting it to LFE + main won't this cause "double bass" and the sound to be distorted?
check that your speakers are set to small, so bass is properly directed to the sub. They are.
Ok, I have a Jamo Sub 650 paired with a Denon 2113ci AVR. I am currently running a 3.1 set up with 2 Def Tech 800 speakers along with a center channel. The only time I am getting anything from the sub woofer is when I am watching TV or a movie. I get nothing out of the sub when listening to music. my sub is connected to the AVR via the LFE jack. I ran the Audyssey set up and still nothing. The back of the sub has 3 knobs on it which are 1) Boundary Gain - set to off...
I have Denon AVR 2113 with two Def Tech 800 speakers, Pro center 1000, and a Jamo Sub 650. I'm not getting anything out of my sub. Can anyone recommend settings with phase, cutoff, and boundary gain on the sub as well on the settings on the AVR. I'm a bit of a newbie and any help would be appreciated.
Need recommendations on a center channel to put between 2 definitive technology 800 speakers. I have $200.00 to spend.
Yeah your right. They would be bookshelf speakers on stands.
I have a Denon 2113 receiver with a Jamo Sub. Im looking for 3 front speakers and I want to add the rear speakers later. I have about 400-500 to spend but would like to stay closer to the $400 range. Living room is 17 x 16 but is open to the kitchen. I would like for the speakers to be fairly small, no floor standers. Thanks.
I went with the Jamo sub, couldnt pass it up for 249.00 with free shipping. Now I just need to fiigure out the other three speakers.
The area is about 16 1/2 x 15 but its basically open to the kitchen as well. After reading the posts I think I am leaning towards the 3.1 with a sub. So if anyone has any more speaker recommendations, I'm all ears.
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