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Wish I could build a (new) new room. All this talk of how many's too many got me thinking/daydreaming...Can it get better?
"I can see your doodle"
Roxul(against the floor) + Air + Ruxol (at the bottom of the joist)+ Air + 5/8" fire rated tile worked for very nicely for me.No ceiling / canlights.
Its going to take me a while to get used to the controls. For $15 it was a good buy.
April to October includes Spring, Summer and Fall here and usually some winter too. Still snow outside now. I need to move.
If you haven't already try unplugging the power to each for a few minutes.
NES here. Wish duck hunt would work on the plasma. Miss tetris, think someone stole it.
I'm admiring the irony in successfully sound proofing my room. I can't enjoy my equipment unless I'm in the room. Glad it worked out though.
2 hrs to download. Can't wait. I need faster internet.
I missed the bikini and deleted the episode before reading about it here. I'll blame the fast forward button.
New Posts  All Forums: