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We still use our NES and PS2. I wasn't suggesting we won't be using our new systems rather there will be other alternative before they are replaced.Today tech changes incredibly fast. We could all have new cell phone's every 6 months if we wanted to.Much of the changes in tech are happening years if not decades before we see them in our homes.My point is and was greed and the need for profit quarter after quarter, year after year will drive their decision to push faster...
I doubt we'll be clinging to our PS4's or Xbox one's in 5 years let alone 10. Tech changes way too fast (now) and beyond that very few companies will wait that long to generate new sales from new consoles. My guess is we're going to see a newcomer or two over the next decade and it's my hope they bring us up to date, for a modest fee of course.
Wish I could build a (new) new room. All this talk of how many's too many got me thinking/daydreaming...Can it get better?
"I can see your doodle"
Roxul(against the floor) + Air + Ruxol (at the bottom of the joist)+ Air + 5/8" fire rated tile worked for very nicely for me.No ceiling / canlights.
Its going to take me a while to get used to the controls. For $15 it was a good buy.
April to October includes Spring, Summer and Fall here and usually some winter too. Still snow outside now. I need to move.
If you haven't already try unplugging the power to each for a few minutes.
NES here. Wish duck hunt would work on the plasma. Miss tetris, think someone stole it.
I'm admiring the irony in successfully sound proofing my room. I can't enjoy my equipment unless I'm in the room. Glad it worked out though.
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