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Wouldn't mind these (Krix) but might need a slightly bigger room (and budget) http://www.krix.com.au/Product/Detail.aspx?p=45&id=47 2.7m high 180kg 5600w power handling 4x15in woofers 3 horns Wow!
I didn't see any ascensions - in fact I didn't demo a whole lot of speakers - some B&Ws and the Krix's - I loved the Krix and the fact that they supply the speakers that run pretty much every decent cinema in the country, I figured they knew how to make speakers. It wasn't a very scientific process. All the gear is in the house waiting to be set up now, just waiting for carpet tomorrow. Getting just a little excited
I notice occasional latency issues, just put it down to traffic congestion at peak times. Never been a big deal - I'm on Firefox.
Photo time - Ive been sitting on some of these since last week - but Wednesday night 10:30 I got finished the woodwork. Flooring done on the riser. Solid as a rock, you jump on the riser and it sounds more solid than jumping on the slab. Carpet will only reinforce this. Projector hung. The X95R is HUGE... it is one large and heavy box of a projector, and add to this the bulk of the lens and plate, it quickly becomes a heavy and difficult endeavour to get it onto the...
Some of the cases here have these white splines inside the lip of the case with a green and red padlock symbol - using a special magnet rig they slide the spline to lock the case and prevent theft of the disc - but dont always unlock it when you buy :-(
Saturday I got down and dirty and filled the riser with insulation batts. I used Knauff Earthwool R3.0 batts which were quite easy to work with and even though I was wearing shorts and T-Shirt, didnt leave me with a case of the itchies. (I wore a mask of course). It was easy to cut, and in some cases where I needed just a little to fill a gap, it was easy to rip apart by hand. The 3.0 was supposed to be 145mm deep, which meant 2 layers should have just about filled the...
PS - cutting a piece of 6mm MDF into smaller pieces with a jigsaw sucks. I swapped to the cordless circular and it was dead easy.. FYI for next time
to avoid being Logan'd - More Pics! Working on my own today, started the step on the stage; So the stage is now ready to be filled with mineral-wool and then decked - I have 22mm red-tounge particle board tounge and groove boards to go on the stage and riser. Speaking of the riser - I added the vanity boards to that too. bit wobbly, but they will be hidden by carpet and couches, so who cares?! I am starting to get used to this working with my hands...
Well, got the main part of the stage frame up and running - still need to make the step, but it was enough for me to get the uprights in place and trial mount the screen.... excellent!!! Anyway - empty front of room. first half of the stage: Second Half: The big moment!!! The 140" SeymourAV curved screen filled the front of the room nicely and there is about 300mm clearance each side to the wall, so lucky I did not go any bigger! Aiming to get stage and riser...
I hate the BluRay cases that lock with the magnets. Nothing worse than getting home and realizing the clerk forgot to unlock your case... Doh!
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