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I hate the BluRay cases that lock with the magnets. Nothing worse than getting home and realizing the clerk forgot to unlock your case... Doh!
I've heard vocal issues can be due to reflections in the room - judging by your bare walls and hardwood floors, this could be your problem. Might be worth seeking room treatment advice from someone knowledgable.
I'm planning on MDF over the windows, and then acoustisorb over the top to make it into an absorber. Removable in case I need to have light/air in the room.
When it comes to insulation to drop in the riser and stage - im thinking rockwool isnt the most cost effective choice, but I am worried about the itchies from glasswool, especially as I will need to cut it to size. Any suggestions?? Also - does the insulation need to completely fill the void, or is say 50-70% OK? i.e 250mm batts in a 300mm space?
Ok - day 2. I decided to move the first half of the riser into place.. our doorways are about 2.4 high and the riser end up was about 2.38 therefore it was always going to be a tight squeeze.... When we got it to the theatre room, the double doors meant there was an extra bit of trimming on the door frame, and the riser wouldnt fit by about 10mm. So we had to lean it over and slide it through... very stressful when it is heavy enough to smash through the entire wall if...
it probably didnt help that the temp was varying between raining lightly, and the 35 degrees all day (95 for those in the better part of the world), and I couldnt use the A/C in the garage as it would blow dust all over where the tilers were working. I reckon I sweated about 4L of fluids today at least!
So I got started on the riser today. Now let me preface by saying I am not a fit and healthy man. A life of luxury has taken its toll on my physique and as a result, I am very sore right now. Anyway - considering last week I didnt even own a power tool, I think I did pretty well... got up early, at the house at 7:30AM and got my workspace ready... In the background you can see my acoustisorb3 sheets ready to be made into panels. Started off easily by cutting some of...
Oh and in terms of timber - I ended up using mostly 300x45 and then some 140x45 for steps etc. will deck it with 22mm particle board and will have a nice riser level. including buying tools (drill, circular saw, jigsaw, caulking gun, etc), timber and consumables (silicone, screws, liquid nails, etc) it has so far cost me $1900 all up. Not bad against the $4000 quote!
Update time! I am waiting on some samples from RIM for the Trilogy1 fabric to decide what colour I want. The Tontine Acoustisorb3 rockwool I ordered arrived too - so I am ready to build some acoustic panels once the room is ready. I ordered a head of 50mm for the walls, and some 100mm for the bass traps in the corners. have enough to cover approx 70% of all wall space if needed - but I doubt that will be necessary. I decided on building my own riser and stage, and the...
Be prepared for a "chad" to pop up in the forums, and his first post to be: "Hi guys, it's Chad here. Just letting you all know my business is solid and you can absolutely buy from me with confidence" :P
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