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That shouldn't be a problem since you had the meter recently
Guys, there's a new update on that THX app for the iOS
Just ask yourself if from a year from now if you will still be in this honeymoon phase and if not then swap it. Or like you said, just enjoy it. I don't know what your financial situation is, so I don't know how long you plan on keeping this TV. I don't mind mine anymore because I usually upgrade every year..lol! But I have to stop that. Its like throwing money out the window.
Are you guys going to do standard mode as well? I hear that one is harder to calibrate. Maybe because of the Micro Dimming and Ce dimming?
I really think its because you have a different model then us. Different contrast ratio etc,.the 7500 is a different TV. It looked exactly the same though I hear before the latest update, but I think they are different now. I was thinking maybe to save some money and buy a 7500, but I think Im going to either get the 8000 or just wait for the F8000
Sorry it took so long to reply. We're all deeply involved with this whole calibration since some old settings seem to be way off..Yes, keep those enabled on both your TV and blu ray player. That's what I do anyways.As far as your 65" only you can decide they my man. Its up to you if you notice it under normal viewing conditions or not. If this is all your going to see and think about, then yes, I would get rid of it and either try the 60" or another 65" or even wait for...
Those pics look amazing jestered! Very very good and thank you so much for sharing this with the community. Same to you 10K, thanks guys. See, this thread is perfect for this stuff
++++1This is exactly why I have my contrast set to 70 as well. But Garnoch couldn't imagine it being that low.
Off topic but this seems like its going to be cool. Especially for all of us tech geeks.. http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57567918-93/amazon-patents-way-for-you-to-sell-your-digital-items/
The 75" ES8000 was never available. It was supposed to be, but Samsung decided last min to turn it into a 75" ES9000 right after CES. Just like they just changed the F8000 to a F8500. I heard that the reason for them doing all this, is because when they are showing these off at CES, the vendors and retail stores always complain that there's no high end model that cost a ridiculous price for the 1% of the population and most of the TVs are for the 99% population so then...
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