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Arenaman might know this.. Idk, sorry
That's a awesome idea man! That's perfect because all you have to do, is then enter the code in the "Search this thread" section. Excellent Derrick!
My loyal Bladerunner and Garnoch, and Ricosuave! Love you guys man! No ones answering my question if this new thread is so the two G's can post in there since they can't in here.. Hmm! I will take that as a yes then. Guys please rethink this. This means G' Oline will be there also. Just post your calibrations like The celebrity in here, Garnoch has done. Its that simple. You can re toast them from time to time like Nitra does when he pops in here
++++900000000Same here! This thread has turned into a awesome little community of its own because of Garnoch and others here. This would just ruin it. So I vote against it also and I hope others really think about this hard before they vote for itguys, the Evo kits right around the corner. Who wants to have to check like 3 different thread for their TV? That's just wrong to have others have to do that. Plus also remember, there were members banned here. Both start with...
Do you guys want a separate thread so a G can post there with sarcasm since they can't here? I'm just curious about this, because this is a awesome thread that became like its own little community thanks to Garnoch and others putting tireless time into it
Lol! OH yes I probably would. Lol! I literally wouldn't have any hair left in my head having to focus that long on something like that
And if you start a new thread with calibration settings, what's going to happen when the Evo kit comes out and everyone updates to the Evo kit? I could care less, as I travel so much between the US and Italy and sometimes have to go on location when filming, but I'm thinking about the newbies that come here and the regulars here. So, either way is fine. My suggestion would be if you don't do a separate thread, for everyone that has done their calibrations to do what...
I would agree a separate thread, but a lot of people here are already followimg the F8000 and Evo kit thread and its not easy keeping up with all these different threads..lol!A few people have just told me that they are having a hard time just keeping up with this thread since its been so busy after the FW update. What's good about this forum is, if your looking for a specific post, its very easy to find it. There's a search area to search all the posts in this entire...
I really don't get it either. I tried playing around with it tonight to see if I can pin point what its doing and I can't. It doesnt make sense. Also, I have never even heard of anyone using this setting before. And when you look online, there's not many good explanations about it. Not only that, there's different descriptions in different places. I wish Samsung was more clear on exactly what these settings do and don't do, and which settings enables this Micro Dimming and...
Thanks Garnoch! I figured that since he went this long without one update since owning his set, and then finally opened it to the world for this one special amazing update, that he deserves to have this FW to be named after him so now a year from now, we can say, hey, remember that amazing Update we all got? No, which one? "The Bladrunner!" Oh yea, that was the bomb!
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