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My Head-Fi friend made it sound like speakers were the best thing since sliced bread! I think I may stick with headphones. Thanks for all the help guys.
So, you'd suggest sticking with headphones?
Oh. Bi-polar good for movies?
What would be the most low cost amp I could get that would work well with the NHT, I am more for a tower since I'm guessing that the drivers don't have to be cramped into a small box. And, a dedicated driver for each frequency. $1500 is like.. The tippity top of my budget, and would prefer to keep it lower
So, the Sierra-1 or the Definitive SM-55.. Choices in life..
So this is what one of the people that help me very much on Head-Fi said about headphones and speakers, . The sound stage alone would make you wonder how people even use headphones. Bipolar towers have a sound stage that would blow your mind. The range is beyond what a headphone can hope to do. Real bass, not just some headphone bass, but real, sub-bass. Mids that are real. Treble that is normal, not hyper extended (HD800) or dulled (LCD2). Speakers just sound natural....
That looks great.
And thats what you would recommend for my room?
Well, would you recommend towers for my room? Guys, I'm welcome to every and all recommendations. Even bookshelves if one of you think it fits my room the best.
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