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Now that they're dialed in, I'm not even sure which I like better, but they almost look exactly the same. This week is Movie mode and next week will be Standard. In addition to the info Anthony gave, they can also be found as a direct link to them on page 117 (or like three pages ago) under this post in my signature, along with the Guide link - if you have the preference turned on to see signatures.
In a sippy cup of course. Good to see you, BPW!
That would be awesome. Those guys never do that though and I understand why, but it would still be awesome.HA! And hey, i didn't say what was in the glass, it could be water - don't want to offend anyone because we're all adults. P.S. It's not water and it's well needed and deserved tonight (Starts with a J, ends with an S) Nick, good luck!
That's so odd. And you said it's on more than one TV so I assume it's more than one Foxtel box. If it were just one box, I'd think it was hardware. Is it all channels? If so, hopefully Foxtel's service can help you out and maybe there is a setting somewhere or new hardware they can send you that will fix the issue. In the mean time, if it's driving you crazy, you could change the ES picture size from Screen Fit to 16x9. It will zoom the picture in slightly. The...
And the reason for this, Newt, is because the TV literally has 1,080 pixels from top to bottom. It's a physical trait so anything it's displaying is 1080p, 1920x1080, or else it wouldn't fill the screen. Hell, even things that appear to not fill the screen is still upconverted to 1080p technically, but that includes the black bars (like a letterbox movie on an SD channel with black all the way around).
Glad it helped, man, and thanks for letting me know. Good to hear you're using something like the app to to fine tune those settings for your panel. If you get around to it, let us know the tweaks for your panel.I said months ago that CATT wins the best avatar award, but in my book, MetalSaber wins the best handle award. On a side note, it's been a rough week and it's over - for now. I'll be raising my glass to you guys (probably as I reset my set for fun (curiosity...
I prefer native but the difference is so slight, and only on the channels that were being converted to begin with, that a lot of people can't even see the difference. Months ago a couple people thought I was crazy for saying it looked better. And if my DirecTV HR34 is not in native, converting 1080i to output as 720p looks a hair better than the 720p channels being converted to 1080i. Meaning when set to output 720p, the 1080i channels look the same, but if it's set to...
Some of us have the special .2 update for Super Dimming UltiProMatic
Shorthand. If you go into Support/Contact Samsung, I believe it will show you the full number.
If you're going to fix route with Samsung first rather than an exchange with Best Buy, all I can say is good luck. Please keep us updated, I'm curious what they do. Thanks, man.
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