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CNN.com headline this morning freaked me out..... "Blade runner charged in killing of girlfriend" Run, Blade, run!
Yeah I watched it this weekend, Blade. It looked amazing!
Hey there, merciful fate. It can be turned on in the service menu - but I've never done it.
Hey, Turbo. Type what you want it to say, highlight the text, click the world icon with the link and paste your post address in the window that pops up.
Thanks, man. I hadn't until now because I'm not sure mine belong there, but I think I will and just add the correct notes needed. And your idea for a link to it from the guide is a great idea. I'll put it right in the calibration section.
Guys, I have been reading and enjoying everything. I feel like everyone is getting along and helping others and most importantly sharing settings for people to try even if all our panels may be a little different, especially calibrated settings. A lot of people who have a calibration done, don't seem to like to post the settings and sometimes give an excuse that it won't be relevant to someone else's panel, but you guys bucked that trend and it makes me really happy. ...
Congrats, shark. That's the panel I have and although I didn't have another like you, I love it very much.10k, Jestered, Turbo... Thanks for all the calibration stuff, and 10k, thanks for testing CNET's, mine and Jestered's so we can really see differences. That was cool. It was interesting to see how your screenshots didn't match theirs with the same setting, which I assume means that if Jestered input yours, his screenshots would also look different than yours.
Great color, man. And nice signature.
Very very very possible. What does 10k have? Even more than model, it may be panel size an type. but I do have good improvements with this update.
It just doesn't look right on my TV, but like I've said, everyone wants to see what they want to see and no panels are the same.I think based on 10k's readouts of Jestered's and CNET's though, I'll be keeping my color and gamma where it is. This was a great test. Thanks again, guys.
New Posts  All Forums: