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No actually. If they can do it that way, which I'm not sure, but DirecTV would hadle all that for you just with your account number. You don't even have to do it right away. Any time.
Whole home Genie for 4 rooms is free right now with 3 months free of HBO, Starz, Showtime & Cinemax plus price locked for 2 years. Plus they love to keep you by offering thing when you call. Every year I call up and they throw in discounts and free channels. Last time was a month ago it was almost funny because I was just trying to lower my bill by $1 by combining my DVRs into the new package.. I said, "I'm looking to save some money" and before I could even say...
Well either forget the savings for the faster speed or see if you can bundle just AT&T phone with DirecTV but move to Cox for internet. Maybe.
I think it depends on the cables used, location and up to the installer. I had to have mine done from scratch, but I assume they'd use the existing wiring where they can. Someone else may answer this better.
You don't need a box with the Samsung, so if I was starting from scratch, I'd put the DVR in the bedroom and no box in the LR at all on the RVU capable ES. I would also have them wire the two extra rooms when they are there because you get it for free on initial setup (4 rooms total). Check on this part, but you'd also then get the Genie clients for the boy's rooms, but I believe you could then have them turned off so you're not paying the extra minimal charge for the...
Ha thanks, but if you don't know someone you can give the referral to, just PM Rico because I think you would need either his name or probably his account number.I don't think the DirecTV guy would install an antenna, but being they are freelance, maybe he'd do it for some extra cash. I'm not sure though.
Great info. In my case, DirecTV is cheaper than cable for comparable packages and they actually have deal with my phone company to combine both bills into one for a discount.
You should actually but here is why. The better the cameras and the better the mastering process, the better the final product. You're not watching it in 4K obviously but it should show.Just as a weird example, you could have an SD picture shot with great cameras and mastered at a high bit rate look way better than a highly compressed, low bit rate 1080p image shot with crappy equipment.Under the Sea looks so good because it was shot on actual IMAX cameras - even though...
You're welcome. I don't know which ones but my guess is they can easily look up this issue. I would definitely direct them to the youtube video as well.
Forgot about that post. Mine's not bad either. It's definitely not perfect but not bad enough to concern me. No one has ever mentioned it in my house and I'm the only one that sits dead center. I even have a love seat off to the side. Based on reviews, it seems to vary widely though. Some reviews have said the viewing angle was good and some have said it is horrendous. Another part of the panel lottery? I have no idea.
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