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Well I know Nitra said that, but he has also said that some gear, requires it. What I've found so far with the ES is that if it's grey out then it's correct to be on Normal, and when it's not greyed out, it should be changed to Low. I can't say this is always the case, but it was the case with my equipment.
Very very possible. I find live sports sometimes to be rough based on the camera they may be using at times and the lack of post production being it's live.
Hazy and grey tell me I may be right about the HDMI Black Level. Artifacts, tell me it's the compression your provider is using - in addition to possibly having Sharpness too high.
If your cables are working, then you're fine. It's digital - working or not working. Your existing cables may not be right for 3D though. There are a lot of setting here to try out if you want, like Nitra's, mine and Turbos. I went through many, so you may want to do the same until your eyes are seeing what you want to see - if you're not going to hire a calibrator. I have 60" panel HS01. Even if we had the same panel though, it doesn't mean they would look exactly...
The two calibrations I can recall here from BB didn't even use the calibration modes and they just looked very wrong - and not much time was spent. Is it worth trying for free? Who knows but I wouldn't pay the, that's for sure.
Good point there - like Showtime on DirecTV looks so much less compressed than most other channels, much better than CBS even.Also, different providers re-compress differently too. DirecTV looks much better than cable in my area. Also, OTA with an antenna will provide you with the most pristine signal.
If you're looking for the most accurate picture and if you're willing to pay for it, then like I've said multiple times, I agree.
For broadcast TV, there is no 1080p for HD, there are 720p channels and 1080i channels. A BD would be 1080p on the other hand so your good. As for being disappointed in Uverse, it can be many things. For one, broadcast TV is very compressed, even the HD channels. A good TV will unfortunately show you those imperfections and artifacts more. If you feel up to it, show us all your settings. Like copy the text from my settings in my signature and just input your...
New Posts  All Forums: