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I was about to say great info and thanks for sharing but that sucks that it didn't work. Sorry, man.
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - should have guessed
What's the release notes? HA never mind. Thanks
AH, got it. Yeah don't go by channels. It's hopeless for many reasons I won't get into. You'll never solve that so you need to just set it up to be as "right" as it can be through something like BD and then leave it. The WOW disc actually does have reference pictures with skin tone on them.
Hmmmm, could be then. I'll let someone who uses that take it form here. Good luck.
Oh is this through the share feature of the TV? You may have a point then. Sorry, I'm not sure about that one.
They said that? That's odd. I mean movies are playing back to back, how would that be the TV? No worries posting that here though Welcome. I know if you play movies from an Apple TV, they will only play one at a time, but if you play them from a Playlist, the will play in order on after the next - like you're explaining. That has nothing to do with the Samsung though.
Jestered - also what is your Color setting? All panels are different and we all want to see different things so this might not help but feel free to post your settings and maybe we'll catch something. Find someone else's settings here, use it as a template and plug ALL your data in. Feel free to PM it to me too.
Turn Color down even more than Eagle. I have mine on 45, but if you go my the numbers, that's basically a max for Standard. For something more natural, I even felt 40 easily worked.
This wouldn't be a TV issue so you might want to post a new thread in a different section or search that question regarding the Mezzmo. Good luck.
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