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SweetSweet will turn those off.
AnyAny settings I need to check to get the best outta the 3D game play ? I set AMP to Clear and LED MOtion ON.
The only time I notice the " pop out effect " was when raised up the gun. Notice kinda old school frames during online playing tho
Does anyone have Cal Settings for 3D ??
Anyone here played Black Ops on Xbox 360 in 3D ?? I must say its pretty cool. Still could use some improvements but not bad at all.
Anyone with a Xbox 360 know which setting is best for our TVs. REFERENCE LEVELS ( Standard, Inermediate, Expanded ) what's it mean ??
^^ I like that light behind the TV looks good
But I notice with Nitras standard settings I notice a white bleed thru on dark scenes. What gives ?? I tried turning down the backlit from 13 to 11
Finally jumped off the factory standard settings and put in Nitras standard settings and I must say WOW very pleased. Can't believe I didn't do this earlier haha big thanks to NITRA
Nitras settings standard or movie ?
New Posts  All Forums: