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I was skeptic at first when using the kit but after words it looks nice a crisp
Went to Best Buy today to set up my free calibration with geek squad which took them 45mins to get me scheduled :-/ anyways figured it was free so why not ehh anyways I bought this screen cleaner by Monstrer brand. Anyone's use it ?? Ok too use on our TV sets ?? Just cleaned the tv with it and it looks fresh like it came out the box
I see. Ya I notice last nite 16:9 was a tad zoomed in over Screen Fit. I was watching Water Boy and tried the Screen Fit and notice the bottom screen with static squiggly lines. Wast sure if this would cause any pixel damage etc.. Is there any pq diff between the two besides a tad zoom in ?? Might have geek squad come Calibrate the tv since its free,couldt hurt right ??
Or u set to 720p ?
Or u on 720 ?
I tried the Fit Screen but notice the bottom screen a static like :-/ went back to 16:9
Is there any pq diff between Fit Screen vs 16:9 ?? I notice 16:9 is a tad zoom in then Fit Screen. Should I set my Uverse box to 720P or 1080i ?? Maybe I'm seeming things but 720 may seem clear pq ??
Notice a lot of y'all have Screen Adjustment set to SCREEN FIT. I have mine to 16:9. What's the diff ?? Plus I only watch the HD channels on my cable box.
< paranoid kinda guy with my tv hahaha
Hmmm. But the box was powered off. Just the set was on :-/
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