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Hahahhaha that's classic good one brotha..I have the voice and motion turned off. I was just worried that it didt burn pixel from being on for who knows how long. Even tho the AT&T box was turned off and the AT&T box screen saver deal was on.
Just came home and the TV was on. Left home this morning and it was off. Came home and notice it was on. I have AT&T Uverse so the screen was blue with the AT&T screen saver on. No telling how long it was on for. Anyway of knowing if it might had burn up any pixels or anything ?? Anyone else have uverse ??
I'm not too sure as the Samsung update notes say the something every update. But i notice deeper color and faster processor in smart hub
That gets annoying with the studdering when set to smooth
Ya it will take some time. Notice any diff after the update
I also notice today watching the texans n titans game it was soooooo clear. Never notice that awhile back. I'm on uverse.
That's pretty crazy ur expirencing the soap Opra effect in standard mode. I get that effect in Smooth Mode. I currently have it on Clear Mode. But ya after the last update I give Samsung techs a thumbs up moving along in the right direction. Hope it stays that way.
After the update firmware the TVs pq has improved a lot
When ppl mention a reboot does that mean turning the tv off then on ??
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