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Way back in 1990 I listened to a set of Altec 508 Speakers. They were fantastic. Smooth with great bass response. I thought by buying the 501 the experience would only improve with the larger 10" woofers over the 8" woofers in the 508. I was misled. The 501 was harsh and dry in comparison. The 508 had better balance and was much smoother. This was a big shock considering the mid and tweet are identical in the 508 / 501. Even with superior electronics the 501 trailed...
Thanx. It is a 50 that has been upgraded by anthem. It is supposed to do everything the v does except dolby true hd and dts master.
I have just purchased a new Anthem AVM50 processor. The unit is having numerous video problems. At power on the unit displays static and pixels. The Anthem logo display briefly then goes all black. I have attempted to hook up dvd players via HDMI, Component, SVideo, and even composite. The unit will not show the video from any source except when the setup menu is active. The moment you exit the setup menu the video disappears. I have changed every input to every...
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