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From my very limited expirience with DI (on HD8300), the main DI problem is not speed, but the compression of dynamic range and crushed details in light/dark areas. But users say this isn't a problem for Lumies either. How is it (theoretically) possible that Lumis DI has overcome this limitation?
Do you know if it is much better than HD8300 (8200)?
There's no such thing as "sensitivity to rainbows" or "ability to see rainbows" (I'm tired of hearing this). Anyone sees rainbows while moving eyes rapidly. Some people are just too annoyed by rainbows or look for them constantly. Others just ignore. BriliantColor has nothing to do with eliminating rainbows, it pops colors to make them "brilliant". DLP rainbow effect is more pronounced during first 20-50 hours when the lamp breaks in. After that it gets much less...
Who the hell needs 4k when we don't have enough colors yet? I almost can't stand dithering on BluRays with 8-bit color in todays home projectors. It wasn't an issue for me until I bought a projector and started seeing all the downsides of 8-bit on a big screen.
White ceiling does not affect that excellent native (on/off) contrast.But it does affect ANSI... Which is not so excellent, but yes, it is important too.
Knowing how DLP works, I can't imagine the reason why W7000 motion resolution can be less than 1080p, other that the test is wrong.
How did you measure it?
Don't you think the second picture looks like it has more colors compared to the first?
Chronoptimist, these pictures blew my mind.Are you saying that the first picture is what we actually see in a blu-ray videos with 8-bit precision encoding/decoding?So all those super-duper blu-rays don't even fully benefit from 8bit display devices??
@edswa your numbers are incorrect for several reasons 1) don't you see the red scuare catches the parts of the photos outside the screen? 2) both black and white photos should be taken from the same position, without moving cameta, so that you could get contrast of the light source, not a contrast between two different parts of the screen. 3) if the service says black photo is underexposed, it means shutter time shoud be increased, or else you are getting inaccurate...
New Posts  All Forums: