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Hi kirnak I have been using an epson 8500 on my white shirwin williams pro classic 108" screen for a full year now, and im very satisfied with the results. Im thinkinking of increasing the size to 120" wide 2:35 screen painted in the same color since I still have 3/4 of a gallon left. Do you think the 8500 can lite up such a big screen in normal mode. I have 17fl right now with my current screen. And if it's not enough what do you think about running it on dynamic till my...
Ok thanks I to lower the brightness to where it almost feels like im crushing the blacks but I also find the trade off worth it. My screen wall is flat black so the bars will disappear into the wall. This is my tenth year into this home theater hobby, and from what im seeing from the senior members is that there pretty much all doing 2:35 There must be a reason for it, and im willing to bet that the reason is good. Thanks
This week I demo a 136" wide 2:35 screen. I prefer a screen that is no more then 52" high for a 8 foot ceiling. But that just me. 125 wide is about as big as I would personally go with 8 feet cieling. I like to have my center speaker just below that.
144" wide or diagonal
I'm getting the upgrading bug again. Before changing out my 8700 i was wondering if it would be possible to live with it on dynamic for a while. 120" wide 2:35 screen is what i'm doing next, so will the 8700 be able to do the job temporarily. For my personal taste the blacks are incredible and i want to know if i will be loosing them at all? I can live with the colours not being as nice but i want my blacks. I will have it mounted as close as possible with the lens wide...
I agree that brightness, focal ability is key with good contrast.MM I'm getting what you're saying, and i have to agree that there is something about the picture of a grey screen that i do like. One thing that i noticed when i bought my epson 8500ub was that the picture was very bright, when it was new, except it really didn't take a long time, about 75 hours and i was able to notice a nice drop in brightness. The picture was still very nice but after the drop i tried...
Do you think that there is any chance that it is the white paint that sharpens up the picture so much like I am claiming?Will the picture be just as sharp if I were to use the same sw paint in a shade of n9 or maybe even n8?Can it be the sheen that brings out such highlights witch in turn, feel like it's razor sharp.
I went with a nice 3" door molding. It cost about 3.00 for every 8 feet. I painted it flat piano black and couldn't be happier. I also painted the wall of the screen in the same black, so the moldings are barely visible but their there.
He says thay because white screens can be good or bad depending on how dark your room is. Grey screens are always good no matter how your room is. Cheers
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