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Is that your center speaker above the screen, and if so, how well does the sound come back down to the center. I'm looking for new ideas without using at fabric.Thanks
If it's possible, move up your projector to about 12' with no zoom. Examine that picture at 120" to see if the detail is back in those scenes you were talking about.
If you like what your your seeing then just go for the 150" . Again it comes down to personel choice . What looks good to you, looks good. Down sizing will give you that detail, so it's the call to make one or the other. Cheers
I would also say that 150" is way to big, since you seem to want to have a very nice picture quality. I think at about 110" you should be able to run in eco mode with out burning out you light bulb to quickly. My brother has the 8350 i've seen it in action, and it doesn't have the contrast or the power to do 150"A portable screen is allot easier to move, if that's what your planning to do in the next couple of years. Most people don't stay that long in rental ...
tank01 The use of 6 Spots at 25' from the screen to illuminate the Pool Table is infinitely wise. I advocate spots to almost every person I address Theater design issues with, and in your situation the proper use shows how little effect they have when properly configured. So.........both situations above allow for the use of a white screen "BECAUSE" they address common concerns and needs.....whether each circumstance's solution was intentionally done or just a happy...
I was also scared to try a white screen because i have a pool table about 25 feet from my screen. When i'm playing pool i have 6 spot lights that light up the table completely and i'm totally happy with how beautiful the picture still looks. My ceiling are medium grey with a box of black on the inside. My wall are red and my floors are light maple colour. The white screen performs beautifully considering that it's far from being a cave. I have a epson 8500 ub witch i'm...
If your using a 16:9 screen i would recommend using a foam core painted black as a simple masking system. The white screen seems to be about 20% lighter in the black bars. So a cheap foam core can give it another wow factor that many neglect to do.
Hey Smokarz, nice job with those Spider-Man pictures on page one. Those pictures are a carbon copy of what I was seeing when I did the same test as you. The difference was that I had the shirwin Williams pro classic satin white on one side, but on the other side, I had the Da lite hccv grey screen. The white sw side really has so much better colours, the grey side just doesn't have the whites , and it also has a lot less pop to the image. Definitely a white screen can be a...
I totally agree with everything you just said, i to a'm starting to feel that there are people in this forum that are not only here to help others, but are also here to help their pockets$$. For that reason i just joined The theater shack and i really like what i see there.I keep cumming back to see if things have changed, but the more it goes the more things are the same.
I have a painted test sample of shirwin williams proclassic also of 2' by 4' and i have absolutely no hot spotting at all. The picture is stunning with allot of pop and it makes my Dalite hccv screen look dull by comparison.
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