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Thank you for the recipe but 100$ just to try a sample board is just a bit too much. Any other well known recipes that a paint retailer can do for me. 1 qt mixed in store will cost me 30 $ Thanks
What is the the most economical way to try this out?
I pretty sure that in my setup , this will end up being the perfect screen colour . But since i have an extra panel that hasn't been painted i'm willing to paint it in a grey color and compare them side by side. What would you recommend in a grey pain that's already mixed. I"m looking to keep the gain at about 1.1 Thanks
I"ll try to take a couple more pictures with my iPhone. The biggest difference aren't in the skin tones, they are in the blues of the sky. The green grass on a pga golf course is amazing in the painted panel the color and the detail just seem to be exactly as if you were there. Whites are also so much clearer. The car that is in that picture, looks grey on the Dalite , but you can see right way that it is actually gold in real life by the middle panel. The picture of I...
There is only one section that has the painted panel. The painted panel is in the middle of the screen. What you see on the right, and the left is the Dalite screen behind.
The pictures don't do justice to what i am seeing. The picture of the chipmunks is probably the worst the contrast seems off from what i was seeing
No not yet, i just did this test yesterday. I've felt like upgrading my screen for a little while now but i haven't found the time to do it yet. The problem for me is that as you can see from my profile picture , a 120" 2:35 doesn't fit into my octagonal wall. i need to blow out another wall, cut out my floating floors, redo the o gees, but i have the upgrading bug and it all seems worth it.I forgot to mention that the sample test that i did took up 1/3 of my screen...
Hi guys i just finished reading an article on projector central about painting the perfect screen for less then 100 dollars. Well i tried it out by painting a 2 foot by 4 foot piece of hardboard and placing it over my Dalite high contrast cinema vision .08 gain. All i can say is wow!! Amazing this paint blows away my Dalite screen it is easily 1.1 gain it's much brighter the colors are so much nicer and it has allot more pop to the image. Contrast is excellent just as was...
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