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can u please post pics or a youtube video if u can
hey thanks a lot a may just get that one
thanks a lot mississippiman i was gonna buy a 120 inch screen and try to paint over it it to get the effect of a high cost screen but when you start the thread i would love to read it and thank again for the response
I was wondering can a electric screen be painted with screen goo or black widow to make the picture quality better
well what i wanted to do was buy a new electric screen and paint it with the screen goo to hopefully get a better picture
im guessing no one knows
i want to buy a electric screen but i cat afford an expensive screen rite now and i was wondering if anyone painted a electric screen
how did u make your lens for 2.35
what type of subs are those they look like jL audio car subs
i love the set up what kind of speakers do u have and i didnt know the epson had an anamorphic lens
New Posts  All Forums: