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Anyone in Albuquerque, New Mexico should check these RF-63's out! I couldn't believe my eyes when the ad says they are open box new for $650! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-RF-63-Main-Stereo-Speakers-/221364024498
Hey Factor, What are those bookshelf speakers? Didn't you have a pair of KEF LS50's?
If you go back to listen to them, bring your own best source material that you're familiar with. RF-62 II and RF-82 II are both great but the latter will give you more low end extension and a slightly wider sound stage (or more transparent?).Only your ears can tell you if the extra cost of the 82 is worth it.
The difference between the Gen IV and Mk II series is not only cosmetic but also the completely new drivers and crossover network. The tweeter on the Mk II has linear travel suspension trickled down from their flagship Palladium line (that's their jargon which is supposed to reduce distortion). Have you looked into the RF-62 II? IMO, the 62's are a lot better than the 52's for a little more money.
Did you actually call them up to get a quote? For contractual reasons, authorized dealers are only allowed to advertise MAP pricing. You will be surprised by the amount of discounts you could actually get over the phone.
WS-24 Cabernet is now $130 @ newegg now.
If you decide to go with #1, you can possibly get a brand new set of RF-62 II system from an authorized dealer for about the same price. Also, the 5-year manufacturers warranty is only valid when you buy from an authorized dealer.
I didn't know the 83 has much better sound than the 82 II. In that case, I would also go for the 83 in favor of better sound over any potential timbre matching issue with RC-62 II (probably won't even notice any at all). Just curious, how does the 83 compare to the 7 II? Fastslappy, I read that Klipsch has mitigated the HF fatiguing problem with the Mark II series, so I thought more people would prefer the Mk II instead. Didn't know people were buying up the original...
I believe SW-450 is a matching sub for the Quintets. Get the RW-12d at least if you are on a budget. Newegg periodically puts it on sale for $300 shipped. If your budget for the sub is over $500, your option really opens up.
Given the size of the room, I would at least go for 62's or 61's.A practical setup would be 2x RF-62 II mains, RC-62 II center, 2x RS-52/61 II side surrounds and 2x RF-52/61 II back surrounds. I would consider 61's for the surrounds as an upgrade path to RF-82 II's in the future.
New Posts  All Forums: