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Because such tests usually destroy a good story.
I had to vent....
A poll with an idiotic wording like that cannot be taken seriously. No interest in engaging in an exercise of unqualified stupidity.
http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/stradivarius-violins-lose-in-blind-test-against-new-ones-1.2601191So much for auditory memory.
If you have to ask....
I never have encountered a bear from behind. But it was quite an experience when hunting black bear (I like the meat, I am no trophy hunter) and my friend aimed at one who was about six feet standing and a mere twenty feet away and the gun made: click.....luckily the bear took off. I still remember that click as a concept - don't know about the exact timbre or dB level...
The simple question when it comes to hearing: what range, spatial hints and sensitivity of hearing gave us an advantage? As a prey animal (which at one point our ancestors were before we turned into predators) it was important to discern where the threat came from, how early a threat could be detected in a given environment and of what nature the threat might be.As a hunter myself in the forests of northern Canada I rely mostly on my hearing. The woods are too dense to...
"http://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/hd-audio-naysayers-missing-point-hardware-audio-files/#!C55HSchanging the goal post?And the usual...I would venture one has to really make an effort to find a crappy sounding dac nowadays.
http://now.uiowa.edu/2014/02/one-ear-and-out-otherThat seems about right based on my experience when testing some equipment. That why the statement"you need longterm listening" in audio equipment tests is nonsense.
Is it a talking snake?
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