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There are programs (eg AirFoil) that will send FLAC to the Airport Express using something other than iTunes (eg Media Monkey), but its a couple of extra steps and extra programs to play music every time. I tried it this weekend and it didnt seem like it would be worth the trouble on a daily basisSo, I decided to RIP my CD's to FLAC using DB PowerAmp, keep a copy of the flac files (never know when someone will come up with a good flac-based alternative to Airport), and...
I have been doing this for several years and it works very wellthe only downside is the need for Apple stuff (eg airport express, itunes, and ALAC)
I appreciate the input. I have a HSU VTF3 - MK3
1. Yes2. Yes3. I planned to replace, but adding is an option4. $2000 for a pair5. I don't have an audiophile's vocabulary yet, but I would say my current system is lacking ooomph...I'm thinking the waltz are too small given the room size...any thoughts?
LOL...thanks for noticing. I probably just need to hire a professional AV installer ....or psychiatrist...not sure whichFortunately these posts are unrelated except the common threads of my desire to upgrade something and my confusion about everythingThe AVR / TV issue is my home theater, while the current issue is my office stereo systemI have other threads on upgrading my portable audio rig as wellI'd like to get all Of them upgraded but it would be great if I focused...
My current set up consists of the following: 20x24x10 Room (speakers are mounted on a 20' wall and I sit about 14' back from the speakers) Onkyo TX-NR807 HSU VTF3 - MK3 Vienna Acoustic Waltz (Pair mounted on wall) Thanks!
I want to get away from Apple.
Does that mean to "see" the source files on my PC, I would have to have the Onkyo's on screen display visible on the TV? In other words, to do this I need to have the TV on as well?Is there another music software other than iTunes to "push" the music to the Receiver?Actually, what I am doing now is pushing FROM my PC to the Apple Airport Express which in turn is connected to the Receiver. Thus, the Airport is a middle man.Is there some other piece of hardware to replace...
Did that. Can I use WMP to "push" the music to the AVR? Or is my only option to use the AVR to "pull" music from WMP?
First, thanks for helping me out here.So, I have had success on two fronts:1. I was able to get WMP to play FLAC2. I Was able to setup the DLNA server on my Win7 PCWhat do I do now? How do I tell WMP to play via the Onkyo rather than thru my PC Speakers?On iTunes, there's an option at the bottom of the window to tell iTunes where to push the music to.
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