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How do we explain the wd tv live issue then? It has the same problem.
Initial set up complete Output to TV is done and verified by the fact that the dvr component connection works Input on tv is correct also verified as above I checked the onkyo manual and it does not indicate that there is automatic switching... Or not
I am installing a new receiver (Onkyo 717). I hooked up the Dish VIP722 DVR to the Receiver via HDMI. I get NO display on the TV. I then connected the old component cables and I get a display on the TV. So I tried another HDMI cable and still nothing. Then I tried hooking up a WD TV Live to the receiver (Onkyo 717) and here again, NO display. Is there a setting on the DVR that I need to change? Or a setting on the Receiver? Likewise with the WD, is there a setting...
I am torn between these two. I don't care about Airplay (Denon) or Phono Input (Onkyo). First, should I be considering any other AVR's at/around this price point? Second, which would you choose and why?
AGREED. Can you help me in this post: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1429798/5-years-since-my-last-theater-upgrade-what-would-you-do
I have a dedicated theater (21d x 15w x 10h) with the following setup: TV: Mitsubishi WS55413 (connected via Component) Receiver: Yamaha RX V-1200 Speakers: 2 Atlantic Technology 4200e (L/R Front) 1 Atlantic Technology 4200e (Center) 2 Atlantic Technology 6.3e (Ceiling) Mirage Sub Dish Network VIP722 DVR (connected via Component) Sony DVPNC685V (connected via Composite) WD TV Live (latest generation) (connected via Composite directly to TV - here's why 50% of...
I still need some technology such as RF to talk to my components which are in a closet at the back of the theater. Whats the best remote out there with RF or similar technology? THANSK!
1. TV is connected with Component2. Yes, when we initially hooked up the WD, we got video, but not audio.I havent tried resetting the receiver to its default settings.
It auto detects, but I also tried manually switching. I havent tried optical because I cant even get video. Ughh.
Holy cow this is bizarre. I cant even connect the WD directly to the Receiver for video or audio now. I connected it to the V-AUX composite inputs up front, changed the video source and nothing. Tried the cbl/sat composite inputs in back, changed the input source and nothing. Any suggestions?
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