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I believe it not measurable with local dimming active.
It's your source. Simply, don't use Full Pixel Mapping with that source. The white dashs along the top are from embedded data such as sub-titling and are not intended to be viewed.If you have other sources that do not do this, them definitely use FPM so that you can view the entire image.
Someone I went to B-school with and works at Panasonic mentioned they were getting out of the Plasma market as well...
Here is a raw image of a random 3D scene from Prometheus with Closed Captioning that stands away from the screen, and a view through the right lens to show the lack of crosstalk from the left image.EDIT: While I don't see any crosstalk when vertical, the closed captioning does separate if you tilt your head >30˚.
With Prometheus 3D, I had absolutely no "crosstalk". The quality was excellent.
Maybe you guys are trying too hard to find issues... Watched Prometheus on Blu-Ray 3D last night with a friend and we both had a great experience. I'd like to play with the settings more, but MotionFlow can be set: off, smooth, and standard. Standard looked great, and I think it flickered slightly when it was off, but I'll need to double-check. Will probably start a 3rd column on my spreadsheet for 3D settings
The good news. I love having the NETFLIX button directly on the remote. The bad news. When I play movies the "options" button results in a "! Feature Not Available". So, while the the picture is at 1080p and is very clear, the color is too cold, and Motionflow is either on standard or smooth (Vivid?), neither what I had selected when going into the Netflix App and I can't change it. If you guys see a way of changing the picture settings for the Netflix App please let us...
Haha. Thanks bud. I need to make more money to pay back USC Marshall and support my AV habit... Hear that Koffas, put in a good word for me up in the Silicon Forest! (He's from UCLA... ) Did I mention I won the 2012 Y-Prize Biz Plan Competition and $50k? I can afford 2 4k's!On a serious note, this is what Skin Naturalizer looks like:
Probably just typical non-technical sales/marketing guys who turn on everything to show features. It's off by default, but you can easily turn on/off any of those bells-and-whistles for each input and/or each profile (Standard/Vivid/Custom). I definitely have that one off on my settings sheet! P.S.: If Sony is out there and you need technical marketing I am for hire... MS Chemistry & Biochemistry (w/ image processing) and MBA.
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