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Hey Mauprix The solution was too simple. I installed a new IR receiver board and the problem was solved. I can't believe I fought this for so long and didn't find a solution. It's been a few months now and the problem is definitely gone. I hope this helps, post back if you try this and it works for you too. Thanks, Chip221
Ok, i've given up on you guys. I still don't have a solution but here is something that did not work. I was advised to unplug the touch button control from inside the TV. I pulled the back off, unplugged the touch button, put it back together and absolutely nothing worked. Wouldn't even turn on. So I restored it to its original state, and have given up on this TV.
Update --- now it changes channels and will increase volume on its own. The only way to stop and reset this is to unplug the tv. Doesn't anyone on here have any ideas? ? ?
I'm new here, I searched archives and found one message with a similar problem but no solution. My PN50B850 works fine for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour while watching TV or an HDMI movie...then without warning it switches to PC input (no PC input is connected). When it does this the IR light on the front panel blinks rapidly and the only remote function that works is volume up/down and channel up/down. You can't change input, punch in a tv channel, etc with the...
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