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Do you have more picture about sound diffuser and absorber lining in side and back wall?
From the picture in page2, I found some P6 procella buit in the wall. Why you did it? because I think it's a weak point in the wall that let's the sound getting outside. What's the method to eliminate the sound that go through your air-condition tube in the ceiling? thank you.
I afraid that P815 is too large for my room (5x7x3 m.) and P610 is too small to cover my sweet spot (about 5m),or not? I think its have a gap between P610(3199$) and P815(9999$) Thank you very much
What are u suggest the speaker system for room size 5x7x3 meter? Can I use 610 for LCR or 815? and Do u have 810 speaker or speaker that price around 6000$ ?
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