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Thanks for the info. I'll see if I can set my DVD player to progressive scan, I'm assuming it's capable since it has component cable inputs. The HD channels are through my Comcast digital box. When I turn it to an HD channel a blue light turns on the digital box (indicating HD), but with both HDMI and component all I get is sound. The HDMI is input 7, the component cables are input 5 and 6. I'm not sure if pixelated is the right term but, yeah, it doesn't look that good....
My problem is I am not getting a good picture regardless of whether I use an HDMI or component cable, both are capable of HD signals aren't they? I get no picture with either cable on HD channels, just sound. I checked my DVD player (Sony brand) with both component and regular A/V cables and the picture is the same with both cables. Shouldn't the picture on the DVD player be in progressive (480p) with component cables? James mentioned changing the resolution to 720p or...
Thanks for the info, where exactly do I change the resolution? I can't seem to find it in the menu display.
I just bought one used and I'm having problems getting an HD picture. I've plugged in an HDMI cable, no picture just sound. Then I plugged my DVD player through component cables and the image quality looks exactly the same through regular a/v cables. I am tech illiterate so if someone could help me I'd really appreciate it. I just bought this TV and would hate to get rid of it already (especially since it weighs a ton).
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