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Thank you...that did it!
Please forgive my ignorance on these systems, I'm getting to that age where I am not sure if I am applying the correct logic. I just bought a Samsun F8000 65" and it has a lot of apps and features and will soon be hooking it up. Now prior to the purchase of this TV, all of my peripherals (BR, Cable box & apple TV were input to the Pioneer Vsx 1020 which essentially sent everything up to the TV. The TV's speakers were shut off. Now, suppose I want to avail myself to some...
Which one did you buy and what is your opinion of it?
Of course they also announced the LE945U's last year. lets see if THIS one actually comes out. It's not on their site and I wonder when it is supposed to be available in the USA id at all.
Which models did they release this year in spring?
This is indeed upsetting. Having said that I often get information from customer service when I call a company and then I call back 5 minutes later, get a different rep and completely different information. What is troubling indeed is that if the information you got was correct, Sharp will not have any new lines out for the holiday season or super bowl. That seems quite strange and would be an indication that the Company is in real trouble of some sort. Then if they are,...
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