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15mb down and 1mb up bur Time Warner is the only option and they are pricey and I have a cheap roommates lol... but when I get my own place hopefully I will have better options.
anyone know if there is anywhere in LA say Burbank or surrounding areas that have these to demo in person?
So there is no confusion, in the picture being shown, the pin that is taped is the correct pin to cover.The pin being stated to be blocked in that picture is not the correct pin.
I saw this movie twice in theaters, once with my ex and once with my new gf... yeah busy week lol, I enjoyed watching it both times... I plan to pick this up for sure.
I have read that the greater the range of the antenna the less likely you will get stations closer to you, I put this in practice, I have a 50 mile antenna and a 30 mile and I was able to get better signal for closer channels with the 30 then I did with the 50 but of course the 50 was able to get the stations that are super far away. So yeah its a fine balancing act when it comes to indoor antennas... ~_~
Anyone is the LA area using these speakers in their home theater that I would be able to check out?
why not do this but instead of no video use the bands music videos, if one was made for the song in use. I would totally pay for that.
yeah I have those sites down until I get around to fixing some security issues and revamp the site.
How do we find out about these AVS gatherings? and were each one occurs?
Not to nitpick but we are sorta taking this thread in the wrong direction, shouldnt all this sports talk be done in that particular thread mentioned that is all about that???
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