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I wish the egg would have the RTIA9 on sale again for 399.00. I bought two then, I should have bought 4, 2 for fronts and 2 for wides. I see ebay has them through polk for 499.00 but they are rebuilt ones. Shame on me, just of jumped on 4 new ones, I have seen no sale from the egg at 399.00 since.
LOL Been there good luck dude. If its not there facebook or cell phone, they are not interested. Makes you wonder what that generation is going to do for work.
Cool I will treat myself close to xmas time.
Looking for 7.1 not looking to run wides and rears etc.
Do you guys think A5's are to much for rear speakers. I have A9's fronts and FXI6 as surrounds? many said run RTI3 for the rear, but I am not feeling them 100%. Thanks guys
Thank You killer front stage.
Anyone know where to get stands for FXIA6 speakers. I am having a hard time finding them. I am almost thinking of moving my RTI3's to the side on stands and the FXI6 to the rear as I can mount them in the wall. I cant mount the FXA6 to the sides, its a sunroom so any help with stands for the FXIA6 would be a big help. Thanks Guys
Killer thx dude.
Where did you get the stands and wall brackets for the RTIA3's in your picture?
Question.... I have RTIA9's for the front, CSIA6 for the center. I am torn on rear speaker choice and sides to complete my 7.1. Whatca think, large room plenty of room, high ceilings.
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