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Thanks Spudsdude, I had been having the same issue with everyone here. Intermediate strobe effect, turn it off/unplug it and it would work for another few hours and then flash again. I finally got fed up with this and decided to give the jumper cut a try (I also found this youtube video to back up the suggestion above: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZwQ0gRQ9sg). I am happy to say that I have it reassembled and seems to be working. I will report back if things go wrong,...
Thanks for the info, I ended up finding the Energy S10.3 on sale again at newegg for $199 for about one day and ordered it. So my set up will now be a Denon 2113 with Energy take classics and an Energy S10.3 sub.Thanks to everyone for the help.
How do you like your HSU STF-2? I have been back and forth between it and the Paradigm PDR-100.
Another thing I just noticed was that the HSU has a max cross over of 80Hz so I feel like I would be better off with something with a higher cross over, or will the amp do all that for me? So at this point I feel like I am leaning towards the Energy S10.3 due to it's great reviews as well as the higher cross over frequency. Am I missing something here?
Thanks for the advise on the driver direction, I will consider that a non issue now. As for the Klipsch I have read many review that it is not a great sub to pair with the Energy speakers as they have a pretty high cross over (around 110 - 120 Hz) so I have heard that a faster 10" driver works better with them. Also today I had a chance to try out a Paradigm PDR-100 and I was very impressed, can anyone else comment on this or if the Paradigm would be better than the...
These just seem to be two that kept showing up in other forums that I have searched. I have also looked at Polk a bit but haven't saw anything that stands out. Any other options I should be looking at? Do you think the down firing driver on the HSU would be an issue?
I have been looking around for a subwoofer for a couple weeks now and the ones that keep poping back up are the Energy S10.3 and the HSU STF-2. They will be paired with a Denon 2113 and a set of Energy Take Classic 5.0. I will be listening to 30% music, 30% tv shows, and 40% movies As far as the room goes they will be in a room about 12' x 18' with laminate flooring over a concrete slab and regular sud walls with drywall. Would the S10.3 be better for this where it is...
Ok, so I think I would like to pair up the Energy S10.3 with the Energy Take Classic speakers. I saw them a couple weeks ago on Newegg for $200 but seem to be sold out now. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if so do they typically bring the products back?
Thanks, I really appreciate the first hand opinion. I think I will place an order this week for the S10.3 then, just wish newegg had them back, really sucked to miss out on the $200 deal. Thanks for everyone's input.
Thanks for the response cel4145,I did know that they were big and little brother to each other, but I guess I am wondering if the 10" is worth the price.As far as the 12" goes I have heard that these 8" and 10" subs are a little better for music.Thanks for you comments and I will look into the Klipsch. Other opinions welcome
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