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No you are not!! You should expect a nice uniform image. Send it back.Can you please provide the model number of the unit you purchased?Benito
Depends on what type of unit you are looking for. On certain models, it is only available in 2.35 but if you are looking for a regular fixed frame, look into the Peregrine series. It is offered in 2.35 and also 16:9 in numerous sizes. You also have the option of purchasing A4K material only.Benito
Well that's not good....send me a PM.Benito
you can take a look at the A4K material. Just won the CEPro 2012 BEST Award-Projection screen. Benito
You can order that unit with a custom size top masking. It can be adjusted at the factory that way you don't void your warranty. shouldn't be a problem... Benito
To be honest, i wouldn't be too concerned about ripples on either of those sizes simply because you mentioned that the units would be tab tensioned.With tensioned systems, the only times i've seen ripples or waves is if it's a totally custom unit with a large amount of top masking and i'm taking about three feet or so. Pair that up with a small image and it can cause issues. But most of those get fixed at the factory.Benito
Are you asking based off your seating distance and room details or are you asking more so about the two screen companies?Benito
Definitely get it replaced. There is no way you should be even thinking about keeping that screen! From the pics, it appears that you might have a bad roller tube in that unit. Benito
have you considered upgrading into a 5 year old....j/k lawguy. i have a 2 year old and have a multipurpose room type set up. i know my day is coming when i come home to ruined towers or something similar......Benito
What's the ambient light situation in your basement? What are the wall / ceiling / floor colors?Benito
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