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Thanks! Lack of funds is what is slowing me down right now......
Ah - the blazing hot valley! We keep it cooler up here on the North Coast!
Nice! Where in NorCal are you?
Got another shipment of cloth to finish last few wall panels, cabinet inserts and started on the speaker covers. Front 2 speaker covers (sans speakers inside) And cleaned up a bit - got tools and stuff out I didn't need. It's getting closer........
Nice - like those diffusers. Looks like a Tetris game threw up!! Did you have a guide or just made random skyline shapes?
I actually kinda liked the demo part - very cathartic!
That's what I thought - I'm no expert either!!
And a question: Put layer of the 2" ECOSE inside the cabinets that have the speakers on top of them on a shelf. Should I also stuff with pink fluffy insulation?
Finishing up the cabinet fronts:
Thanks, man. I'm making progress, slow but progress! I noticed when my son was here last weekend we got more done. I also noticed when I'm working alone, being the noob I am, I make many mistakes that eat up a lot of my time.
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