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Nice! Where in NorCal are you?
Got another shipment of cloth to finish last few wall panels, cabinet inserts and started on the speaker covers. Front 2 speaker covers (sans speakers inside) And cleaned up a bit - got tools and stuff out I didn't need. It's getting closer........
Nice - like those diffusers. Looks like a Tetris game threw up!! Did you have a guide or just made random skyline shapes?
I actually kinda liked the demo part - very cathartic!
That's what I thought - I'm no expert either!!
And a question: Put layer of the 2" ECOSE inside the cabinets that have the speakers on top of them on a shelf. Should I also stuff with pink fluffy insulation?
Finishing up the cabinet fronts:
Thanks, man. I'm making progress, slow but progress! I noticed when my son was here last weekend we got more done. I also noticed when I'm working alone, being the noob I am, I make many mistakes that eat up a lot of my time.
Cabinet front frames finished up after 2 (or 3) coats of stain. Then made fabric frame inserts and used left-over fabric. Almost had enough to finish all the frames but had to order some anyways. Back side: Front
I used these: http://www.lowes.com/pd_7764-1278-GC3_0__?productId=3581456
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