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Word-of-mouth is a valuable form of marketing, and the best way to achieve good word-of-mouth is to please the nerds/early adopters/hardcore fans. Avengers was a good example of this. While it is true that an unedited OT would not produce tremendous revenue standing alone, its use as a marketing tool and energizer for the hardcore Star Wars fans could pay HUGE dividends. This, among other reasons, is why I don't believe Disney would have allowed George Lucas to retain...
I have a 3.0 setup with the 1-series, and it is more than adequate for my taste and room size. But I have a small apartment, so your mileage may vary. Try it out; you can always upgrade later.
For what it's worth, CNET just posted a review of the 2-series: http://reviews.cnet.com/surround-speaker-systems/pioneer-sp-pk52fs/4505-7868_7-35477425.html
I got my FS51s and C21 in the mail yesterday. This is my first foray into high-end (at least to me) home theater. I had been in the market for a new speaker system to replace my puny HTiB, so I trolled this forum, and read a few reviews online. Although I don't need big speakers, as I live in a small apartment, I couldn't pass up the New Egg deal, paying $170 for speakers that CNET raved about as being worth 3x that much. I hooked them up to an old JVC receiver (a...
I also just purchased the FS51s from New Egg, along with the C21. I am wondering if my 1994 JVC receiver (RX815V), which is rated at 8-16 ohms, is up to the task or if I should also purchase a new receiver. I will only be running 3.0 channels.
These are the prices at New Egg, with the promo codes applied (promo codes are listed right there on the New Egg site). According to New Egg, the codes are valid until 9/24. SP-FS51: $120/pair SP-BS21: $50/pair SP-C21: $50 I am fairly new to this, but this seems like a tremendous value. I picked up a pair of the FS51s and the C21 for myself.
Also, the FS51s are $119 a pair w/ code until 9/24. I just picked up a pair of the FS51s and the C21, all for about $170. I have only ever owned htib systems (and cheap ones at that), so I am looking forward to a big upgrade in sound. I only hope that the JVC receiver (circa 1994) that a friend of mine gave me is up to the task.
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