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Thanks for all of the comments last week. I had planned to spend more time on this in the days since, but work and home have been crazy.Thanks for the referral. I went ahead and bought this PSU to get the deal.The information on the emulators is appreciated. I actually don't have much experience with them, but I know that my fiancee would enjoy playing the old school games. I was waiting until Trinity was released to make the ultimate decision, and while I like what I...
I hate the way that Amazon lists dimensions. I believe that those are literally the size of the box to be shipped. At Newegg, the dimensions are: 10.35" x 8.35" x 15.47".
I’m a first-time poster seeking advice on an HTPC build, and this will also be my first time building a computer. I’ve spent a lot of time researching this, and while I’m pretty settled on the general components, I would feel better talking it through with real people. My biggest question at this point is the level of CPU that I should purchase as you’ll see below. Approximate Purchase Date: Within a month Budget Range: Initially $500-600; Up to $1000-1100...
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