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This seems like a simple question that I can't seem to find in search. How do you program the 3313 remote to turn your TV off and on? Sent from my GT-I9100M using Tapatalk 2
Awesome! As simple as that was it actually worked. Thanks for the help!
The firmware update successfully competed. I have tried restarting everything as well as different ethernet cords. I can see the Denon in my network but when I try to use internet radio it says "Connection Down". When I try sirius xm it says my log in info is incorrect. When I try to go through network setup it just sits on "Connecting Please wait..." I disabled UPnP as suggested in the avs troubleshooting guide.Sent from my GT-I9100M using Tapatalk 2
I just downloaded the new firmware via the network for the 3313 and now it won't connect to the network period. Any ideas? Sent from my GT-I9100M using Tapatalk 2
Yeah I was leaning towards a dual sub setup to help with the space. My only problem is that I have neighbors on either side. Sent from my GT-I9100M using Tapatalk 2
Ah shoot, that is what I was afraid of. Yeah, it's not sealed so 3888 cubic feet is going to be what I need to plan for.
Hey Guys, I have a 36x12 room I need to outfit. The setup is basically in the last 12x12 portion of the room facing the ending wall. It's basically just a long main floor of a townhouse. Everything I have read says I should be stepping up to at least a 12" but I am curious if I could use a 10" being the sub will be right beside me? The other thing is that I live in Canada so I don't have quite as many options available to me. I do have access to staff discounts at Best Buy...
Yes, this is fairly common knowledge. I (like many Canadians) get concerned when we see a simple option/function designated with "US Only" I was just hoping someone else from Canada could shed some light.
I tried sifting through the thread for an answer but I couldn't find one. Anyone have any idea? Using 3313CI
Hey guys, here is a picture of my current setup The black line represents my TV and the circles are my front speaker positions. Currently I have a Mirage OS3CC in the centre, and two Omni150B's for my front L/R mains (I know buzzy, but for the price it was worth a shot). This is currently hooked up to the remnants of a terrible HTIB setup that is slowly being phased out into proper equipment. The couch has to stay where it is, and the TV has to stay where it is. We have...
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