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I just picked up a hd33 with a set of DLP link glasses. I wanted to do the RF glasses from day one but didn't have the money for a pair so i opted for the dlp links for now. My issue is I can't get either of these glasses to work for longer then a few seconds at a time. It switches in and out over and over again. I'm guessing that unless i'm missing something in the setup that either both glasses or the projector is failing to perform.
I ordered a HD33 and it will be here on Monday. It would help it someone could tell me how long the power cord is. I'm trying to have the set up completely ready for the unit. Thank you
I'm ready to move on from my HD66 to something with a little more juice and I need a hand. I was aiming for the HD33 but because the HD66 is no longer working I need to move quicker then I was hoping. I do want a upgrade from my previous picture so I do have to make a small leap forward. I have narrowed it down to the Optoma HD20 and BenQ EP5920, since both seem to fit the criteria and also can be had for under a $1000. I have a 100" gray screen and the projector would be...
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